In a world where everyone has 8x10s of everyone else

One of my favorite movies!

"I’ve been going to this high school for seven and a half years. I’m no dummy."

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The future is here and it’s horrible

The future is here and it’s horrible. (*crying laughter*)

This is why I can’t trust driverless cars.

That third one cracks my shit up every time.


Of course you should judge a book by it’s cover. You ain’t got all the time in the world to read every single book. It’s why Robert Heinlein books all look the same so you don’t accidentally read one.

My new nemesis. Yay!

My new nemesis. Yay!

When I was younger, I kept handwritten journals. I know that a lot of people think (or at least say it, even if they don’t really think it) that journals are time capsules, records of the people we used to be, historical documents, and so on.

I found my journals tonight. I flipped through them. I cringed over and over again. I saw the records of the person I used to be, and I realized that if I met that person today, I wouldn’t want to know her at all.

I took them out to the fire pit, and now they’ve become a pile of ash, and I feel pretty good. You can’t get away from the person you used to be, but there’s not really any reason that you ought to have to make space in your house for that person’s ridiculous, navel-gazing artifacts.


Cincinnati Bengals fan? Or an actual Bengal?
(Photo: Andrew Weber, USA TODAY Sports)


Cincinnati Bengals fan? Or an actual Bengal?

(Photo: Andrew Weber, USA TODAY Sports)

A couple of interactions I’ve had on the web today reinforce the idea that even when a person is talking about an idea, event, or even another person, it is really more about them than it is about the topic at hand. When we feel (correctly or not) our relevance dwindling, we rush to say something- anything- that will get us the attention we feel we need or deserve. I’m guilty of it myself, and today I was on the receiving end of a couple of other people’s insecurities. 

The Toast recently published a funny piece on criticism that is particularly relevant, I think.

The take away is that when someone is being a butthead, it’s not about you. It’s about them.

So, I ran that 5K yesterday morning. Unbeknownst to me (until I arrived there), I had signed up for yet another trail run. I don’t think I blogged about it but I did a 4 mile trail run back in May and it was miserable. Trail running is hazardous! Too many opportunities to fall and hurt yourself, at least in my opinion. But that race was a mountain bike trail, and this race was a trail that was mowed through some private land that’s usually used for leased hunting. I didn’t realize that until I ran by some camp chairs and a blind that seemed to be a more or less permanent installation, and then I quickly figured out that this was not a place to run any other time of year. Anyway, I ran yesterday’s race in 38:09, which is about two minutes over my personal best. Considering all the soft ground and sand I ran through, I think I made a pretty decent showing.

Next race is a 5K on August 16th, which is Saturday after next.